With an immense pleasure and privilege to introduce about the recognition of Birat Boarding School (BBS), BBS is committed to academic excellence for meaningful land meaningful education. From the support, co-operation and valuable suggestion of our valued parents, guardians and well- wishers, I would like to extend sincere gratitude to all believing us unconditionally for the better future of your children. Since our vision and mission is to explore each individual’s potential to make dynamic and influential personality, We create and very congenial environment, platform and learning centre

 It is said that everybody has enormous potentialities but not everyone sees or knows them, knowing this fact we are committed to inculcate, unfold and discover the unlimited potentials of child’s innate power and generosity in natural, harmonious, congenial and friendly environment. In order to create such holistic development of child learning center, we approach to the internationally developed teaching methodology and concept in education. Our reinforcement for constructive and productive education, we integrate core values of child such as understanding, knowledge, skill   and application with the reality of life.

Professionally motivated, morally sound, methodologically trained and technically advanced teachers, dedicated  supporting non teaching staff and kind, loving- caring ancillary staff are in the team of  BBS to pave the glorious history of remarkable success . We strive to ensure quality education for students’ efficiency and excellent potentiality because of the active role of teacher as facilitator, motivator and inspirational guide.

Since school is child learning center, we stimulate the children individually to be

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 It is our pleasure to express special gratitude to parents and guardians, well-wishers, colleagues coworkers and intellectual personality for trusting us for unconditionally in